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*Lesley Marino is not a doctor, nurse, dietician nor nutritionist. It is recommended before trying any diet or changes in nutritional intake you consult with your doctor. The results the Marino family experienced may not be the same for your family.

A Whole Foods Tube Diet for Health and Healing

About the Blenderized Diet

The Blenderized Diet is for persons who receive food/formula via a G-tube, J-tube, or NG-tube. It has been proven to support a healthy lifestyle, through the benefits of using food products provided to us from Mother Nature.

The Blenderized Diet Promotes:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Better results
  • Efficient nutrient utilization

How do I get started?

When starting a family member on a blenderized diet, it is recommended to start out slowly. When initially starting The Blenderized Diet, jarred baby food or baby cereal can be included in the mixture. Various bases can also be utilized such as adding formulas, juices, or other liquid products to a benderized diet.

After getting accustomed to The Blenderized Diet, you may want to become a little more adventurous by adding fresh, frozen, or canned fruits or vegetables. Some clients have even tried adding cooked meats to their Blenderized Diet mixtures.

As you become more experienced you might consider discontinuing the use of any formulas, or processed foods, switching solely to water or juices as the base.

All of these are suggestions.

*Always check with your GI or RD before making any changes to nutritional intake. What you chose to blenderize is an individual decision.

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